Bangabandhu Corner

On 17 March 2020, Embassy of Bangladesh in Athens organized a grand program to celebrate the Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation and ‘Bangabandhu Corner’ was established at the hall room of the Bangladesh Embassy in Athens which has been decorated with the photographs of the Father of the nation manifesting his glorious life. The following items are displayed in the ‘Bangabandhu Corner’:

  • Book of the Father of the Nation: অসমাপ্ত আত্মজীবনী’, ‘কারাগারের রোজনামচা and ‘আমার দেখা নয়াচীন
  • Books written on the Father of the Nation
  • Quotations from Bangabandhu’s speeches, particularly the ones on his patriotic and inspirational words
  • Greek translation of the historic 7th March speech
  • Items marking the Birth Centenary celebration of the Father of the Nation including T-Shirts, Hat, Mug etc
  • Special posters including the remarks of the world leaders on the Father of the Nation

Since then, the Bangabandhu Corner of Bangladesh Embassy in Athens has become the centre of Mission’s activities and started working as a virtual platform for many other activities involving Bangladeshi youths, woman entrepreneurs, students, Bangladeshi workers and professionals in Greece to promote their interest as well as protect and promote the image and interest of Bangladesh in Greece, Malta and Albania.